Nikos and Ioulia Tsoumani

Luxury and

The guesthouse of Nikos and Ioulia Tsoumani is a group of independent houses, which are located at the village of Papigo at the mountainous area of Epirus.

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Papigo Area

moments of

The guesthouseoffers you 10 options of accommodation. Rooms for two to five adults, which are uniquely decorated and with an excellent architecture.

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Papigo Zagori

Where your senses
will be captivated
by the nature

Papigo is situated at the unit of Zagoria of Ioannina at the foot of the mountain range Kamhla. There, where your senses will be enchanted by the nature...

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Stay in Papigo

Travel back
in time

In our complex you can find 2 little shops selling gifts and antiques, as well as a restaurant with traditional cuisine, which can host various events such as weddings, christenings, conferences and more.

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